Friday, December 11, 2009

Lets go green baby!

Hello !
Ive been introduced to this green blue world for almost 2 decades
I remember when i was a little gurl, i used to litter.
I used to throw rabbits' dunk or whateverkind of shits at my neighbours compound because they referred me as Ikan Patin and they thought that it was funny and hilarious.


Every evening my mother would ask me to siram the pokok2 at our house but i was like, whats the purpose of God creating hujan if its not for the pokok2 ? So i didnt siram the pokok and the pokok mati already.

I remorse of what had happened in the past. I think i should repent.
I wanna be an environmental friendly person!
I wanna be likeable by the pokok2, by nyamuk, by awan.
I wanna make friends with mother nature because one day too im going to be a mother. But it has no correlation actually because mother nature is not a person. I might have confused with the vocabs. Sorry me.

So im going to start my good deeds with,
Reducing the use of plastic bags

Thats why i bought this.

Join me!
'I'l be proud to tell my kids i chipped in, however little'
Thats a good feeling, real good baby.


  1. hahaha..kejam siak ko neh.

    ko bantai umah badigun tu ke?

  2. haha badigun aku ta berani. org tue en
    ni jiran aku belah kanan. abeh umah die bersepah ngan taik rbbt

  3. wow aku pong ade beberape beg burokla, xcntet cm ko nye.kelerfool!wuhu.burok n gedeg nye pasai,aku xpakai2 pom.mekaseh ye ten krn menaikkan smle smangat envi sy.mgkn pasni aku pakai hohho

  4. ahaha mother vs mother nature..


    hehee gle lah environmental frenly bgs3. ritu b nk li gk beg go green tp tok g kuliah tp cm mhl je so xjd li hihii ksian x
    lov uuu~! >.<


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