Saturday, February 7, 2009

the power of thinking

my hello kitty collection in my chevrolet (no longer exists)

assalamualaikum~~!! (ckp kuat2 cm tety msk wing duhh)

my lyf is miserable ryte now.
i am totally not ready for this upcoming exam.
what to do i only got some 'hidayah' to study at the 11th hour.
the same problem keep on repeating!
i put a lot of effort to get rid of this attitude
but somehow 'it' nvr fail to find its way back (dats me)

im having tachycardia i suppose..
i keep on thinking of the 'untouch' pages of those thick books
i cant sleep peacefully(plek gle)
BTW last night i had a creepy nightmare.
maybe it was the consequence of my recent miserable & full of worries lyfe.

here the nightmare goes..
i lost my handphone. so there's 3 suspects.
i hd to THINK who was the culprit.
as i THINK, my mind wandered around & lead me to THINK bout something else.
if i hd found whos the culprit, then he/she would return the hp to me back.
what if i let it be?
then my bf would buy me my dream 'LG ICE CREAM' phone.
so i hd to THINK again & made decision.
and then i realized that my lappy screen had become smaller.
i found a note written 'THINK on how to get the screen's normal size back'
so i hd to THINK again.
abruptly i woke up & THOUGHT to myself.
was it real??
it seems real though....

this weird nightmare really raise my ire.
i dont know what happen to my brain!
perhaps i should learn neurology system first b4 end up with any conclusion.

P/S: anyway this is soo not me~ i used to be a laid-back person. ak da brubahhhhh~~~ tdakkkkk