Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysia belongs to the Malays !

Hello ~

Lately, ive been thinking about unsolved issues regarding my country.
I hate politics much but i do get myself involved & follow the track.
For me, Malays has been too linent.
We let other (races) make fun of us, directly & indirectly.
We actually have rights to shut their freaking mouths.
But again, cuz we tend to 'jaga hati semua pihak', this is the consequences that we are facing right now.

My point is that, why we (malays) always antagonist with the government?
We apt to pick on them over litle things.
Especially when other races make an effort to provoke us to hate the goverment (the malay government), we somehow collaborate with them.

Open your eyes, open your heart.
PAS main priority is to establish an Islam country.
But, PKR is fighting over the Chinese rights.
As for Anwar Ibrahim, he is actually perjuangkn hak individu(himself).
Can they make it?
Can they rule the country PEACEFULLY when each of them has their own agenda?

This is so wrong.

We are Malays.
The government may have some point of weakness.
But, we have to remember that they are actually stand up for our rights.
The Malays Rights.
Why dont we get together, hand to hand, to support our government.
We may not feel the complications now.
But think about our future Malay generations

  • When there will be no longer boarding school
  • When there will be no jobs allocate for malays
  • When there will be no place for malays in the university
  • When there will be no surau in shopping malls
  • When there will be no azan during every prayers time
  • When there will be no doa recited in public
  • When there will be no people using Bahasa Melayu as everyday language
Can we still call our country MALAYsia?
Lu pikir la sendri~
Honey Koyuki

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my passion my bags !

hello !
here's some discriptions !
  • pic 1 - Juicy Couture tag
  • pic 2 - Juicy Couture 'Yes To Love' Edition handbag
  • pic 3 - inside of Harrods tote bag
  • pic 4 - 'Harrods Knightbridge Signature' tote bag

omaigod~ i just looove the Juicy Couture handbag ! it was a gift from my dearest mother! and yes! i finally own a Harrods tote bag which i long for a quite long time ya know >.<

i have red Harrods purse which i got from mom's fren when she travelled to london, england last year. Now i have both red purse + red tote bag !

im soooo happy !!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

go swimming !

hi !

i woke up at 1030am (aftr a long tiring day).
actually i hd promised my gurlfrens to follow them to swim!
just wanna hv some fun after some stressful exam >.<

location : AL-Ma'soem Swimming Pool
time : 1330
description : all-women pool / not for unisex

i really could swim A BIT ! ( thnx to my boyfie! )
but i think i made myself looking real dumbass haha
i couldnt help but to drown & struggled in the water
mila & tety thanks for the coaching thing >.<
after all, i had a gud tyme!
we did some stupid videos, hooligan jumps, silly mjlah 'mangga' photoshoot & ate as if there's no tomorrow.

can't believe that we r all going to be DOCTORS??
aint my fault cuz doctors are MADE not BORN
but as for my childish attitude, i was BORN with it ^^


Saturday, February 14, 2009

thanks for the memory gurls !


this year's 14th feb means alot to me !
nothing related to valentine's kay >.<
this was the date dat taught me the meaning of sistership!
the meaning of true 'fall' & the meaning of true 'evil angkotmen'

so basicly we went to Istana Plaza to ice-skate~
the ticket price was Rp 37500 f0r 2 hours.
we realy had a gudtyme!
it was so funny that we just skated at the edge of the ring!
hehe cuz kat tepi tu ad somekind lyk tiang taw. everybody was lyk holding tight the tiang! >.<
we skated to the middle an hour later (after gained skill from bdk 8thn)
ms tu da bole blagak a snap pics xpgg pape hehe!

later on we move on to Planet Dago to bowl!
at first we intended to bowl & karaoke (kemaen lg)
but then it took us few hours to finished the 2 games.
oh yes i dont wanna comment more bout my 'true fall'.
i believed i fell down dgn bergayenye ~~ lalala hahaha

and then because it was valentine, the organizer had some games & freebies.
he came to us & randomly picked some lucky gurls.
all we had to do was to choose from no 1 til 10.
and then if we managed to jatuhkn pin according to our chosen no, then he would give away some voucher.
i chose 8 & i did jatohkn 8 pin!!
hee so i won a 'free game voucher'

to cut story short,
we reached bale at 1130pm
thank you girls for spending some happy time with me & also protect me from 'the evil angkotmen'! i will cherish our memory tru out my lyf!

special thanks to : amal, tika, tisha, nani, jaa, lai, aimi, adda, mila & kak tin !


Saturday, February 7, 2009

the power of thinking

my hello kitty collection in my chevrolet (no longer exists)

assalamualaikum~~!! (ckp kuat2 cm tety msk wing duhh)

my lyf is miserable ryte now.
i am totally not ready for this upcoming exam.
what to do i only got some 'hidayah' to study at the 11th hour.
the same problem keep on repeating!
i put a lot of effort to get rid of this attitude
but somehow 'it' nvr fail to find its way back (dats me)

im having tachycardia i suppose..
i keep on thinking of the 'untouch' pages of those thick books
i cant sleep peacefully(plek gle)
BTW last night i had a creepy nightmare.
maybe it was the consequence of my recent miserable & full of worries lyfe.

here the nightmare goes..
i lost my handphone. so there's 3 suspects.
i hd to THINK who was the culprit.
as i THINK, my mind wandered around & lead me to THINK bout something else.
if i hd found whos the culprit, then he/she would return the hp to me back.
what if i let it be?
then my bf would buy me my dream 'LG ICE CREAM' phone.
so i hd to THINK again & made decision.
and then i realized that my lappy screen had become smaller.
i found a note written 'THINK on how to get the screen's normal size back'
so i hd to THINK again.
abruptly i woke up & THOUGHT to myself.
was it real??
it seems real though....

this weird nightmare really raise my ire.
i dont know what happen to my brain!
perhaps i should learn neurology system first b4 end up with any conclusion.

P/S: anyway this is soo not me~ i used to be a laid-back person. ak da brubahhhhh~~~ tdakkkkk