Monday, July 26, 2010

Bandung : Shop, Eat & Eclipse @ Ciwalk.

Assalamualaikum !

I dont know why I ended up here, uploading some pictures, and typing some words for this entry. Well yeah~ I'm now in my 3rd year which means this will be my final year, in bandung. How time passes. Hopefully, I will spend the rest of my precious time here with tons of kewl activities. I decided to start writing entries bout famous places in bandung, for my future references. I mean, nanti bila dah balik Malaysia for good, bila rindu bandung, I can still bring back the memories bila baca balik entry ni teeehee ;)

Well most of you have already seen those pictures right? Yeah, It was taken few weeks back when my girls and I went drooling for Edward & Jacob in cinema. Another reason was, MARA just banked us in RP5.2million = RM1800. Thats include our monthly allowance & annually books allowance. How cool is that? -____- veryyy cooollll.

More pictures, less talking.

Bandung is famous for its fashion statement. Cewek-cewek bandung sume hotness weyh. Even Jekartah people do their shopping here in Bandung. Bring some extra cash & walla~! You can get lots of fashionable clothes kat factory outlets. Berderet kot factory outlets kat sini. The most famous fashion street is Jalan Riau. Harga moderate. Tak mahal sangat tak murah sangat but then you can go crazy bila you hop into their factory outlets. Anyway, gambar above was taken at Sahara Factory Outlet, Jln Riau. Baru je bukak outlet ni. Thats why kitorang saje usha-usha baju kat sni ;)

And then, we took public transport (angkot) and headed to Ciwalk. Ciwalk is abbv for Cihampelas Walk. Its a street where you can find superheros statue along the street. But what fascinates me about Ciwalk is the mall. I so love Ciwalk for their building structures! Ciwalk mall tu bukan 1 bangunan tau, dia macam banyak2 bangunan dalam satu kawasan. and yes, bangunan tersebut sgt2 cntik & kreatif ;) Tengok je KFC kat gambar atas ni.

Entrance walkway to Ciwalk.

Cuaca di bandung sangat best for shopping. Thats why, dorang punye store concept more to street boutique. Oh yes, that's the main building of the mall. Keliling dia ada cafe-cafe yang sangat unique & adorable. Harga pon adorable la kan teehee. Since bandung banyak orang kaya-kaya so barang dia pon not that cheap. Its either same harge macam kat Malaysia or even more expensive.

The Little Things She Needs ! This store sells only flats.

I told you! 2 for RP199.00 or RM70. Macam kasut cotton-on/ruby. 2 for RM60

We decided to grab the Eclipse tickets first and put our shopping lust on hold. Masa kitorang sampai cinema,the queue was like panjang gila. They had like 4 theater just for Eclipse! The cheapest ticket was Rp30k/Rm11 and the most expensive was Rp75k/Rm26 for premier room.

and yes we took the cheapest one :p

After da beli tickets, we went to stuff some food in our stomach. Selepas 2 kali tawaf, we decided to have lunch at Soho Cafe/ Little Italy NYC. They serve mostly Italian food. Their speciality is pizza yang besar macam dulang. siyes weyhhhh kagummm !!

dont even remember the name. its lyk too long.

fettuccine blablablabla. it tastes lyk carbonara but its not carbonara.

spicy bbq chicken wings.

this italian looking food is sumptious but the portion is too small.

oriental spaghetti. why on earth does it looks lyk mee goreng?

Lepas dah makan-makan semua, we went to the cinema again. Eclipse was okay. It was too simple i reckon. But hey, Edward is mine.

We went shopping until malam. Some stuff I managed to grab ;)

Its already 9pm so we decided to buy some buns @ breadtalk for midnight munching.

But then, we stopped halfway at local street vendor for dinner. Ini baru kenyang. Makan kat soho pejadah tadi tak kenyang hampeh. Perut orang melayu kan, mesti nak nasik haha.

And then I went home safely with 1 wedges, 1 flat, 1 flip-flop, 1 jeans, 4 blouses, 1 tote bag & 1 set of bangles. So in love with em! You should try to stop by at Ciwalk if you ever come to bandung. This place is nice :)

Thank you for reading this entry !


  1. bestnya shopping.. heaven! ^___^

    p/s: makanan2 tu mengiurkan. slurrp..

  2. pehhhh syopping sakan betol fatin..

  3. wah..manyak syok

  4. boleh tak nak tau berapa cost semua tu in rupiah? sebab kita nak pegi bandung on this 29th :)

  5. Fatin, sgt jles ngn kamu lahhh.... yg nk kne shoppng gak nihh.. tp jles tgok brg2 kt bndung 2..yg kt factory 2 tgok cntek je bjunye... ble la ad pluang nk g sne?? :(...hihi

  6. i'm going to bandung this coming nov..need a lot of advices :)

  7. mahu pergi bandung hujung tahun niii!!! u telah mmbuat i sekat perot and save all my money for shopping..wuuu

  8. hehe brg bndung oklah. sometimes, ade yg murah gle!

    kalau pg bndung, bwkla wet byk2 sbb besenye mesti over budget ;p kat factory outlets, kat pasar baru lg. heaven.

  9. kak tin..saya tgk kak tin ni kan..mesti pakai kasut kuning..walaupun dress up apa pun mesti pakai kasut kuning..minat kuning yerrrkk..hhhehehe

  10. wow! mmg shoping is the best xtvt. hahaha!
    teringin gile nk jejak kn 2 belah kaki ni kt bumi bandung. nt blhla helo2 kt cik fatin kn kn kn. oh sgt xmalu* ;p

  11. syoknye shopping
    nnt kalau 1 day i gi bandung, leh la fatin jadi tourist guide i =)

  12. kak fatin, kalau tmbah tolak sume, brape RM abis kt shopping sume tu?

  13. ala.. nape x upload gamba wedges, flat, flip flop n bla2 cik atin? ^^

  14. aah...uploadla gmba brng2 yg disoping tuuu....hehehehe :P

  15. omg been there but no chance to stop at the cihampelas since too macet la on that day. dpt tgk statue2 je dr dlm kereta. waaa rugi nyaaaa. :( dah tdo 1jam dlm keta pn, bgn2 tgk still kt tempat yg sama. macet terok kan kat sana. bc entry ni buat rasa jeles ;DD

  16. bestnye.
    teringin gila nak pegi.
    kalau bawa 1k cukup tak nak shopping kat bandung?


  17. kte xsnap pulak gmbr brg2 yg kte shopping hehe :(

    1k? kite rs xcukup..dgn family kirim sume kan. 2k kot. sbb ritu membe dtg bwk 1k, pastu die terpakse pg money chnger tok convert another 1k.
    tp depends jgk. kalo korang syg duet n xbrape into shopping, 1k da cukup hee

  18. pergh!heaven abes r kalo sopim gini...
    tringin gak r g bandung...

  19. salam kak atin.i enjoy reading ur blog.btw,nice la blouse putih tu..nak kirim boleh?heee

  20. best giler kot coping...

    mkn tu lg la sodap..
    lapar la pulak..

  21. heaven giler shopping kan?
    i pernah g medan,but hectic giler kowt!teee heee..

  22. the price of movie tickets r bout the same as the one in midvalley, so i reckon the price tags of other things r the same as well.

    alang2 shopping, bawak 5K la just in case. :P i wonder if they hv prada over there.

    u dont talk bout ur studies as often as the other med studs. i guess, like many gals, the *true* highlight of ur day is shopping.
    heh, figures.

  23. bestnyer shoppng :D
    kat bandung plk tu kak..
    mknn tu nmpknyer mcm sedap jer..

  24. Hi cute fatin,

    Nak minta permission, utk take and put the link of your shawl-ala-siti-tutorial post on my blog. I hope you dont mind.
    Ngee =D
    Thanks ya!

  25. This is how some girls spend Mara's good money! Way to go girls!Yeaaaa..girl power!!

  26. Ehhh. Ada peep (fifah) ! I miss her ! Send my regard okey. cakap kembar kem salam. Muahahaha

  27. salam

    seronoknya shopping.. sempat jadi model lagi tu. hehe

  28. helo fatin! im ur silent reader. love ur outfit always. and i love bandung!!!! harus pegi lagi, takpuas shopping haritu. =p exchange link k! tq

  29. eyh..itu Afifah Karim kan..kirim salam kat dia ek..kawan sekolah rendah sekali tu =)

  30. bdw,,,nk tnya ftin,,,bju blause yg u pkai tu cntekla,,ble ktner yer???heheheheh,,,seswai gle ngn ksut kuning tu,,,cute!!!

  31. fatin!!! cntek la blause yg u pkai tu,,,cntek sgt,,u bli ktner??i ske la~~

  32. Yang punya blog cantik banget sih....

  33. kasut u beli kat mana? hehe


  35. kurasa sering sekali aku main ke ciwalk tapi tak jumpa sekalipun dengan fatin, bandung itu tepat tinggal ku hihihi

    really good n helpful..

    Paris Lea

  37. barang murah gile kot.. bag gucci kt sini harge mcm sial bek beli kat sane.. original t shirt fred perry kt sane pn duit kite dalam rm65-70 je..


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