Sunday, October 4, 2009



I will not be updating my blog as frequent as i did before.
I really need to brush up my so-called-lembab-mind for this upcoming exam. Oh god i dont wanna fail. I really have to put first thing first! NBSS is such a disaster for me. bla bla bla ok ok fullstop.

Well as i searched tru my bro's facebook,(gune account ema taw, cuz i dont have any facebook account, pathetic gler. muke jeh urban, mukabuku pon xde wahaha) eh pnjng pulak words dlm brackett neh. abaikan. haha i found this picture of my 4 heroes way back home.

Meet the 4 As (s)

Asfiq, Asri, Asfirdaus & Asfarhan

Aren't they cute? oh so cuteness! so cuteness!
*In denial mood* well I actually have to admit that my dad and my bros are kinda gudlooking though. Oh abg kalau kau tgh bace skng, ak taw mesti kau tgh poyo smbil menari-nari Dance Dance Revolution lagu Beethoven tande gembire. Tp xpela ak bagi kau peluang femes kat blog ak.

Haha also i found my old picture. I guess it was taken when i was form 4.
I think Im kinda comel (not going to use 'was comel' cuz I believe my cuteness never fade away concomitantly with time) hahahah

I was a basketballer with a good skin texture way back then
Okie thats all! Wish me luck people cuz Im gonna make my parents proud! (someday). Hey sile kagum bcuz I was an official basketball player for my school taw. Ha hbt x hbt x? I can do nice lay-up taw *muke berlagak*
Haha salam!


Anonymous said...

btoi btoi fatin liyana basketballer yg cantek gle bab kot!
takat lebron 2 peh ayam2 je a..
hihii >.<
oowh so in luv wif ur skul pic~~
kikiki :P

Honey Koyuki said...

hee is that u syg??
i know its u!
tq for the praises hehe

Anonymous said...

hihi im juz telling ur frenz dat ur juz great in evrythin!
omg im rly proud of u ~ ^_^

Zarisa said...

hye fatin...rasa mcm familiar la u punya abg,asfirdaus tu...dia tu BF maria elena kan?

omg!dat maria is soooo hilarious!hehe..(kalau betul la my guess..)

Anonymous said...

Knape muka abg akk yg asfirdaus tu dr tepi mcm lee min ho..ohmeyyyggddd..jlous much.