Monday, April 27, 2009

Osoca : the greatest oral examination

i was late for the exam. the exam started at 30min past 7. and i just got up from my bed at 7.30. among the 11 cases, i was only ready for 5 cases which were

- toxo/pre-eclampsia/dystocia/sepsis/HM-

i prayed alot so that the case would come out. guest what, puerperium + STI case was the lucky chosen one. great. i never tot it would come out that way. they actualy combined the case. double great. the greatest was both of the case were something dat i wasnt familiar with. I didnt even prepare the case reviews.

i prayed alot so that the judges would be someone that i knew and kind. (Dr Yaya & Dr Sudarsono). Hopefully it wont turn out to be Dr Saadiah cuz she failed my seniors previously. Guess what? I got her. Super Duper Great.

The conclusion is I got 69. I deserved better than something dat starts form '6'. She didnt give me an A bcuz she said i missed a very importnt sentence.yeah so much important la sgt. A friend of mine she simply got an A bcuz her Dr was very kind. How i wished i could get her Dr. Then i would be flying happily for the A.

Ya Allah, plz show me the hikmah of this situation as soon as possible. Cant wait. For those who got A, Cgrats u guys!!


  1. yessss
    akak org pertama komen
    suke =p
    hurm buatla shoutbox eyh
    ni nk gtaw...kak nk bg kamu award
    so sile ambek di page akak yg bertajuk post award dari atyrah~
    frenship forever

  2. dont worry atin,,
    sometimes exam sucks,,
    but it doesnt mean life's sux too~~

    there must be wisdom behind it~

  3. to tiramisu- yay akak first hee tp xde adiah hehe.thanks anyway for the award! akk sgt baek!

    to rye- hmm btol2 ak redha je la. ap nk jd jdlah huhu.thnks for the advice nyway

  4. eh chop!
    ttbe terperasan tht raihanah @ rye nye pic..
    ngn kwn aku tu kalau xsilap..
    dak kerry XD hee~~
    maap tin, komen xde kaitan ng post ko..

  5. uiks uiks kamu yg bnama izzati disitu...
    yep yep gwe sme dgn dak kerry tu...
    mu dak TKC ek??

    ouh alamak dunia semakin mengecil dgn adanya blogspot...wiwiwiwi..

  6. ye sy kwn kerry di skola! XD
    kerry merry terry katy perry..!!
    dunie mmg keceil XD


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