Thursday, April 30, 2009


Everyday is like a heaven to me! The finale for those-stressfull-but-i-dont-know-what-to-read-more-cuz-theres-plenty-to-read examination was over!
yay! *clap clap*. Officially, my freshman year has reached to its end! The telomere is getting short and P53 is gonna do its job! Byebye 1st year! Niway, i have some very interesting events await me!
  1. Bidadari Night (LailatulHurulAin) Dinner - 2May
  2. Cant wait for my best friend to come over - 5May
  3. Trip to Candi Borobodur, Jogjakarta - 6May
  4. My lovely bf will come over too ! -11May
  5. My parents will visit me yay! - 15May

I'll be coming home on the June 6th with my bf. Anyway, i will be participating 'Design Busana' contest for Bidadari Night. Gotta submit the sketch by today. Please pray for my success! Kalo menang then i got to naek pentas ^^ hee pasti trase cm fashion designer yg menang award kat KL Fashion Week hehe.

Gotta go finish up the sketch! What do you think of my new blog layout? better than previous or vice versa? lemme know kay!

Take Care!


qishie said...

ho yeah!
best gile dah habis exam!!
heee..siap berjalan2 lagi..
parents aku tah bila nak visit aku.

cool dah cun!

Honey Koyuki said...

qish satu hr nanti~ ak akn jejakkn kaki di kota malang! mngkin taun dpn kot hee bersedialah menantikan kehadirn ak! gtaw pnduduk tempatan kay haha

yo mekaseh! tp xleh lwn kehebtan blog ko a hehe

tiramisu said...

atin kak bet u mesti menang la wateve contest u mashuk my dear...hikhik ^^
yayy...besh gler abg kecaygn nk dtg tgok die....huhu ^^