Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello !

FYI im currently learning bout the reproductive system.

so basicly ive learnt that :
  • 20's is the most appropriate reproductive age where childbearing usually gives no risk.
  • the best interval of pregnancy is between 2 years.
  • the age of 31 is considered 'old' for reproductive age & risks increase.
  • above the age of 35, usually give too many complications to the baby and also to the mother. greater risks to get congenital anomalies & cancer of the uterine.
Thus, reading all of these facts really gives me a goosebump.
I'm now 20 and still have another freaking 5 years to be certificated as a doctor *weee*. Ive been thinking of getting engaged at 25 & married at 26.

I truthfuly hope to give births to 5 babies~ (byk sgt ke?). The interval should be 26-28-30-32-34 ! If you can see i will actually exceed my appopriate reproductive age during my 3rd,4th & 5th gestations.

Perhaps the babies will be exposed to greater risks of congenital anomalies!
What if i shorten the interval? Possibly between 1 year? Dont you ever try laa fatin liyana. 1st your body normal physiology need more time to restore its original functions & 2nd is that kesian giler kat ko pny Transformation zone kat cervix tu kjp2 cell die change to squamous & change back to columnar. sooner or later this will lead to Carcinoma of the cervix okay~ (cancer of the cervix). takotnyeee~

haa pekate blik mesia ni ak try persuade parents ak supaye bg ak kawen ms blajar.mesti ade kesan tapak kaki naek kat perot ak hahaha. *kembali serius* ak bknlah gatal nk kawen awal, cume sbg seorng doctor yg bertauliah ak amat mementingkn nyawa si ibu mahupun si baby.


  1. Salam Gurl :D

    Penulisan Chumel nak mamposs :D


    Anyway salam Kenal Gurl...selalu jadik silent reader u...but not now....

    Feel free to vist mine...but nothing much there :(

  2. Err.. Sekarang umur dah brapa kak Fatin ?

  3. Kak Fatin, re-read your first post please hahahahaha. Sekarang Kak Fatin 25 y/o dah bertunang. Wahhh sama macam planning Kak Fatin lahhhh.

  4. sy pun baru baca entri ini. comel sgt kamu ni dr FL :)

  5. ALmost there kak paten!Insyallah :) BTW I was scrolling your post regarding UNPAD because I am planning to further there in dentistry. If you dont mind, can you share the system of the Uni? or anything about the Entrance Exam?

  6. Harapan dah jadi kenyataan :) , 25 engaged, Congrats!


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